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Unfulfilled & Unhappy?

I believe you can do a complete 180 and transform your life for the better.

Can’t Seem to Manifest Your Deepest Desires?

You don’t have the proper tools yet.

Don’t Feel Like You Quite Measure Up to the Best?

you just need a new measuring stick!

Tiffany Okafor


Hey! I'm Tiffany Okafor and I'm Your Storytelling Coach.

I specialize in helping brilliant Entrepreneurs and Creatives master their stories and share them with confidence.

I'm a content creator and best-selling author with ten years of experience as a professional model, Performer, and educator under my belt. I come equipped with every guide, Technique, and tool you could ever need to take you from shy and “Afraid to put yourself out there” to confidently sharing your message with the world!

When you hire me, you jump on the fast track toward both public speaking and on-camera confidence! 

And as you can tell by the photo, I'm already celebrating your success!

So … Let’s do this!

BITCHY by Tiffany Okafor


The Amazon #1 Best Selling Book by Tiffany Okafor

This quick read is packed full of tips, techniques, and strategies to assist the woman who wants it all (Plus Some)!

A few of the Brilliant People I've had the pleasure of working with...


"Working with Tiffany has really helped me & my business A LOT! Before I met her I was afraid to be in front of the camera, but I knew I needed videos to grow my business.

I scheduled a session with her, she got to know more about why I wanted to do videos, and gave me a lot of pointers. Tiffany encouraged me and made me feel confident by telling me that a beautiful face like mine deserved to be in videos. Her knowledge gave me clarity. And if there was something I didn't understand, she made me feel comfortable to reach out to her and get advice.

After working with Tiffany, not only have I created videos for social media, I've even created an online course for my clients which includes 13 videos!"

-Brittney Clement, Author & Founder of Brittney Inspires


"My biggest takeaway from working with Tiffany so far is that I need to schedule me-time & and I have!

Secondly knowing that I have an accountability partner in her, albeit for my benefit to accomplish certain tasks, has helped me stay on track and has truly minimized my procrastination.

Most of all though, just her checking in, showing that she cares, and offering words of encouragement is priceless!"

-Ayana Onuora, Fitness Business Coach


"Communication has always been my struggle point.

During my first session with Tiffany, she gave me practical tools that helped me to become comfortable communicating my true thoughts and feelings with others.

I’ve put her tools into practice, and I'm grateful for her continued insight, and fabulous tools!!"

-Sophia Melonē, Founder of SMASH Debt, Inc.